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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 8, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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captioning by captionmax . complete bay area news could have raj starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. a truck doesn't stop in time causing this chain reaction crash and damaging a total of 13 vehicles. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the truck driver tells us that his brakes failed and he couldn't avoid smashing into the row of cars at the bottom of a freeway off-ramp. the accident happened at 4:15 this afternoon on the grand avenue exit ramp from eastbound i-80. ktvu's amber lee is live at the scene tonight with our report. amber? >> reporter: frank, this busy
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off-ramp remains closed as work hes clean up the debris. there was a lot of damage but few injuries. the truck driver who identified himself to us only as tony, says he was on his way home when the brakes failed. he said he had been hauling dirt in oakland. tony estimates he was going 45 miles per hour down the exit ramp when he couldn't stop his truck. he told us he scrambled to find a way to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of him. >> i was looking at that way, you know, the telephone poles and can't go that way. can't go up the hill. can't hit the side of the freeway. i had nowhere to ditch the truck. and i was just like, praying. >> reporter: the truck slammed into a honda causing a chain reaction. 13 vehicles were damaged. some were totalled. >> i just watched the first go out of.way like this, but i could see the people in the cars looking back at me. it scared the day lates out of me. >> when i looked in my rear-
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view mirror mirror i could see that big truck, like, a domino affect hitting the other ones. and i kind of pulled over into the side so i wouldn't get hit as much. >> reporter: another victim described the terrible realization that vehicles were about to crash into his van from behind. >> i see it coming into me, you know. and i don't know if it's going to be dramatically going to really slam into the back of the van really hard. that he's a very scary feeling. >> reporter: four victims were transferred to the hospital. none suffered life threatening injuries. police told us the lesson here, everyone wore their seat-belts and the deployment of air bags likely saved lives. >> i think they were very lucky. >> reporter: police told us they did not give the truck driver a sobriety test because there is no evidence of wrongdoing. >> i take my job pretty seriously. i understand that, you know, i just feel bad for, you know, the people that i hurt today. >> reporter: police say tony was not cited and that investigators will be inspecting the truck to see what went wrong.
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now, police say as soon as the cleanup here is completed, this off ramp will re-open. reporting live from oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> has more pictures and video from that crash scene. just look for the slide shows tab on the front page. >> a pittsburgh man is under arrest tonight. authorities are searching for a second man in connection with a marijuana growing operation in an east bay park. the plants were growing in a regional park west jest of los tropicpeek. they raided the marijuana farm following a two week investigation. they seized almost 2,000 plants with an estimated street value of about a quarter million dollars. >> it was ready for harvesting. we actually found some marijuana that had already been harvested and was being dried. and from there it goes straight to the streets for sales. >> drug agents say they arrested one of the two men who were tending the pot farm.
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they identified him as 63-year- old. the other man escaped. california supreme court today refused to order top state officials to defend proposition 8. the court denied a conservative's group request to force governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown to defend the voter approved ban on same- sex marriage. the court did not explain its decision. a lower court has ruled that proposition 8 is unconstitutional. a citizens group is appealing but not clear if that group will have legal standing because the state, not the challengers, administer the marriage law. >> reporter: a long debated plan to get bart riders to the oakland airport is moving forward after a voted to by the metropolitan transportation commission. the mtc gave a green light to building an elevated tram between the coliseum station and the airport. as ktvu's janna katsuyama reports, the approval came in a
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6-2 vote. >> reporter: it's a question of rail or the road? and right now it's the road for bart riders who want to connect to the oakland airport. but some say the air bart bus is too slow and unreliable. >> our flight is an hour out and we don't know when the bus is coming so it makes it more tough to make the connection. >> i would love to have something more convenient. i would just be able to go from bart straight to the airport. >> that's why bart has a $484 million to extend service from the oakland coliseum station to the oakland airport with a new three mile elevated rail line along haganburger road. a 12-minute ride running every four minutes and cost $6 each way compared to the $3 air bart bus ride. opponents say the project is too expensive. >> i hope it gets defeated because it seems like a complete waste of money. >> reporter: money was the focus of today's metropolitan commission meeting and the room
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was packed. >> it this ill conceived project has out lived its usefulness. >> reporter: opponents say they should consider cheaper options such as express bus lanes. the rail line will create up to 500 jobs and urged the board to get the project off the job fast. >> hundreds of workers are now not working because of the delay of this project. >> reporter: they finally voted 6-2 in favor of $20 million in state funding. the no votes came from chris daly and burkely mayor tom baits said it would drive bart further into dead. carol allan was among the "yes" votes. >> i'm excited. i am so happy. this project has had more stalls and now we're moving on track. >> reporter: bart officials say the next step is to get approval from the california transportation authority and they need federal funding, about $130 million in grants and loans. reporting from oakland janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2
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news. commuters who ride bart to their jobs at san francisco airport just caught a break. bart officials agreed to lower the sfo surcharge instead of paying the full $4 surcharge each way, airport workers will be allowed to pay the old rate of $1/50. it saves full-time employees $100 a month. several hundred airport workers commute by bart. >> promising news on the job front. the u.s. labor department says the number of job openings in july rose to its highest level in months. more than three million jobs were available in july. that is a 6.2% increase from the month before. and the greatest number of openings since april when temporary census hiring inflated the numbers. even so, job openings remain far below the $4.4 million since december of 2007. the dow gained 46 points and the nasdaq was up 19. financial firms posted solid gains but apple was the big
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winner, up 2% on an increased earnings forecast. president obama went on the offensive today attack republicans and pushing his newspaper economic agenda. the president told a crowd that the gop is advocating the same policies that led to the recession. he is ready to make a deal to give tax cuts to americans making less than $250,000 a year. but he is not in favor of continuing the bush era tax breaks for the wealth yes, sir americans. >> this isn't to minister folks who are better off. god bless them. it is because we can't afford the $700 billion price tag. >> reporter: to move the economy forward, president obama is proposing to make permanent tax breaks for business research expenses and to allow businesses to write- off the full cost of equipment purchased through 2011. dozens of people attended a vigil tonight of hillsdale mall in san mateo where a community
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activists was gunned down a couple of months ago. the killing is unsolved despite the effort to drum up some leads and the new effort. lloyd lacuesta is at the mall with our report. >> reporter: frank, tomorrow will mark 90 days since someone shot and killed a renowned community activist here at the hillsdale community center out in the parking lot. tonight family and friends of 54-year-old david lewis came here to remember him and to hand out these flyers asking for someone to step forward with information that could solve this killing. >> we did you for those who have gathered here today. those that loved david and those that don't and those that want to help out. >> reporter: about 40 people gathered in the mall parking garage not far from where lewis was gunned down. police say lewis appeared to have been arguing with one or more people. and as he walked away to enter the shopping mall, he was shot in the back. >> i think it was somebody that actually was still in the
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disease of addiction, you know, probably couldn't help the guy. >> lewis was known for his work helping recovering addicts and parolees trying to re-enter society. he started a drug rehabilitation program in east palo alto called "free at last." >> we are working this case really hard, lloyd. we are pounding the pavement ourselves. we are partnering with the community. and we are truly hoping to get the word out there. >> reporter: tonight volunteers went through the mall handing out flyers and letting people know there is a $50,000 reward. one woman carried pictures of lewis meeting with former president bill clinton. >> david was a big community leader. he liked to bring criminals to justice. >> reporter: fear may be a factor on why no one is coming forward. >> not a bad neighborhood but a lot of people don't say things because they are worry or fear of anything happening to them or their families. >> reporter: and then there is
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a code among some people who lewis lived with. >> you don't snitch. but someone's murder is inexcusable. one thing david would always say, if you kill someone, you will pay. >> reporter: david lewis' friends say they will not allow this case to go cold. live in san mateo, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2. [ music ] i had my guitar over here. >> two prized guitars stolen. why they mean so much to an east bay rocker and the reward to get them back. >> a cold front moves through the bay area. just how low will the temperatures go? the forecast in just a few minutes. why one man linked to a murder outside rampage walked out of jail two hours ago. the news continues in 90 seconds. . the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. >> investigators in san francisco. >> dependable live coverage of
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breaking news. the bay area's major news of the day. and complete in-depth coverage. plus the forecast for the area where you live. >> how much heat comes out of the valley. >> frank somerville, julie haener, ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage.
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. >> a gram any nominated bay area rocker says two prized guitars have been stolen by thieves. now as investigators -- investigators search for the culprits, the musician is offering a reward to get back his treasurerred instruments. heather holme is live now in martinez with this story. heather? >> reporter: julie, i want you to take a look at these. police are trying to track down these two prized instruments from a well known bay area rocker. >> they stoled my son's little flying v, it's like what the
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(bleep) man. >> rob flynn is fuming and his wife and young sons terrified after someone ransacked the home in martinez the family moved into. >> i had my dime bolt over here. i had the guitar that i wrote and recorded my first album with machine head over here. >> reporter: just a few days ago he hung two of his treasurerred guitars, including the one that launched his metal career. [ music ] >> reporter: you know the one given to him by a melts pioneer -- metal pioneer the one he is seen left playing. >> for me it's priceless. i got it from the late guitar player. >> reporter: given to him on stage by the guitarist 13 years ago. he kept it under lock and key ever since, never even took it on the road. >> when people say a one of a kind guitar it really was a one of a kind guitar. >> reporter: flynn came home yesterday afternoon after picking up his son from school to find the guitars, his grammy metal, jewelry, wake borders
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and cash all gone and his tools on the living-room floor. >> and they took the time to take out my tool box out of the garage and try and pry the t.v. off the wall. >> reporter: flynn believes he was targeted. martinez police are working on fingerprints discovered at the scene. meanwhile flynn and his neighbors are taking precautions. >> i got a call in to brinks and never thought we would have to alarm this thing, whatever good that does. >> reporter: flynn and his band machine head just wrapped up touring with metala. and now offering a $3,000 reward for the safe return of these two guitars. and he is hoping that he can do that to get back to work on the band's next album. reporting live tonight here in martinez i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the san francisco planning commission voted today to allow the city's only gun store to re- open. but with certain conditions. opponents fought to prevent high bridge arms on mission street from reopening.
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they say the store is too close to schools and homes. the store's gun will dealer license expired in january. >> i think their concern is i am selling under the table. again it is impossible. i would be in prison faster than a criminal would be. >> the commission decided the gun store owner must provide extra security, including security cameras and gun saves when it re-opens for business. within the past two hours a man linked to a bizarre east bay homicide case was released from jail. 72-year-old edward writtenhouse was arrested for possession of explosive materials. police say they found the chemicals in his home, along with the bodies of his wife and her friend. investigators say they believe the man who sometimes stayed at the home killed both women before police shot and killed him. today a judge reduced
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writtenhouse's $2 million bail to $20,000 after they decided he will not be charged in the killings. shortly after 8:00 tonight he made bail and left the jail. >> meanwhile crews plan to return to a pittsburgh landfill tomorrow to stenching for body of a missing man who may be another victim. 35-year-old murder rojas been missing since his father was found dead on august 27th inside their hercules home. investigators believe he may have killed both men and disposed of frederick's body in a dumpster. >> political and religious leaders from sarah palin to the pope added their voices today to the growing worldwide outrage over a florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the islamic holy book on september 11th. as ktvu's rita williams reports, religious leaders here in the bay area are planning a co-ordinated response. >> this is what the international fewer record is all about.
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a once little known florida pastor's plan to burn the koran. >> so as of right now we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. so on september 11th we shall continue with our planned event. >> the koran is islam's holy book, considered the direct word of god. worldwide some muslims are protesting and general david petrais is warning the burning could put u.s. troops in danger, especially in afghanistan where a cleric has suggested this. >> i think the first and most important reaction afterwards will be that wherever americans are seen, they will be killed. no matter wherthey will be in the world, they will be killed. >> if because of this one person died but at the same time we do not feel responsible for that. >> reporter: around the country
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people are defending the minister's right to burn the koran. northern california's aclu director, an american citizen from the muslim faith says burning the koran is unwise. but. >> that freedom of speech includes the burning of a koran, the bible or even an american flag. >> as an american, mr. jones may have the right to do this, but it does not make it the right thing to do. >> reporter: religious leaders of many faiths gathered today in palo alto to announce an anti-koran burning rally friday in san jose. >> it's important that we, as people of faith, stand together in solidarity and proclaim that hatred is not acceptable in this country. >> reporter: they say there could be a "positive" backlash from all of this. still, they say they pray no korans will burn on september 11th. rita william, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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in colorado, the news from the fire lines just keeps getting worse tonight. a wildfire burning near boulder has described at least 136 homes during the past three days. four people are missing but no deaths have been reported. firefighters say despite cooler temperatures and a little rain today, they haven't been able to gain the upper hand and conditions tomorrow are expected to be hot and dry. [ music ] >> and it was a cool day today with some scattered sprinkles around. drizzle as well. some areas had showers up in boulder creek. tomorrow is going to be a day of clearing and mild day-time highs. a fall weather pattern in the extended forecast. the thing you will notice tomorrow morning the overnight lows as this front goes through, the nights are getting longer. we are locking at upper 40s in some of the coolest inland bay valleys. what does it mean? it means when the kids head to school you will notice it at 0:00 or 7:00 in the morning.
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temperatures cooler than they have been for sometime. clearing and temperatures into the mid-070s. when i come back take a look at live storm tracker 2 and let you know where the showers are falling and if any could reach your area. senator barbara boxer is distancing herself from an economic advisor who was arrested at a senate office building in washington, d.c. capital police say marcus stanley was trying to hide a leafy green substance as he was going through security. the substance tested positive for marijuana. stanley quickly resigned. boxer said his actions were wrong and unacceptable. rain, flooding and tornadoes. up next the storm system that is responsible for this. and a funnel cloud that was caught on camera. >> also a disturbing statistic about who is committing violent crimes in the bay area. the way some people are trying to break that cycle. ktvu,, complete bay
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area news coverage. the guys who dri a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands.
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like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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. widespread flooding was a problem today across texas. tropical depression hermin dutched up to two feet in an hour. farther south crews spent the day removing fallen trees and other debris. hermin is expected to hit parts of texas and missouri tomorrow night. it also spawned a series of deep tornadoes. look at this. a tower camera captured this one. one tornado touched down near downtown dallas, injuring one person. a small plane crash in northern arkansas has claimed the lives of a santa cruz man and his son. the victims are identified as 62-year-old robert joseph ross and his 32-year-old son michael. both men were licensed pilots but not certain who was flying
10:25 pm
the cessna. robert ross was a flight instructor for a flight school in watsonville. his son lived in austin, texas. the plane was headed to austin from danville, illinois. no other people were onboard. the fbi said today a bomb threat on a ty airways flight last night was a helicopter. investigators say a passenger onboard flight 794 scrawled the net in broken english on a bathroom mirror. the plane was heading from bangkok to la when the threat was discovered. when the plane landed it taxed to a remote area and was searched. authorities have made no arrests. a livermore man accused of stabbing his wife and 14-year- old son on a fishing trip was arraigned today on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and corporal punishment of a spouse. alameda county sheriff's investigators said gomez stabbed his 14-year-old son 11 times and his wife once during an argument on sunday night. gomez did not enter a plea
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today. he is expected to return to court on friday. prosecutors are charging a teenager as an adult in a deadly drive-by shooting case. john michael martinez surrendered to the police last friday after a standoff at his east oakland home. he is charged with murder with a special circumstance. martinez was 17-year-old at the time of the crime. police say he shot and killed eric taskano last march after he drove passed his 18th birthday party. martinez was angry because he had been turned away from that party. the observingly police department has a new top cop. colo will take over th department on september 28th. he replaces. the current chief. he currently leads the volunteer service division. opd contracts with the force. he left the chief's job after he was promoted to captain. friends and colleagues said their good-byes today to bay
10:27 pm
area news man david macklinhead to died at the age of 81. he spent almost 50 years on k cbs radio and kpix television. a consummate adjournist known for always being calm and steady. his long-time co-anchor said viewers and co-workers saw something special in him. >> he had that authority and that confidence. and we all trusted in that. and he was a good friend. he was such a pal. >> the memorial service was filled with a lot of funny stories of his well known great sense of humor. tonight's special report is up next. >> i could shoot someone now if i wanted to. >> powerful weapons on bay area streets and kids are pulling the trigger. the effort to turn that around. >> also a sways inning can a
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plained on the mural of the sacramento kings. how this might be connected to where the player was born. (music (music playing) garbage can: hey baby, take a whiff of my thick flowery aroma. announcer: is your scented garbage bag coming on too strong? hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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[ music ] as i mentioned, that cold front goes through and leaves cold air. tomorrow morning will be one of the cooler mornings we've seen. in livermore the low 50s. 55 degrees. that's cold enough for a being gentleman et cetera. by the amp, 72 degrees for a day-time high. in liver more that's your livermore forecast for thursday. perhaps the most troubling aspect of urban violence in the bay area is the age of many of the victims. and many of the perpetrators. authorities say they are seeing an increasing number of teenagers getting shot or doing the shooting. but a dedicated number of people are also on the frontline trying to set kids
10:31 pm
straight. ktvu's david stevenson has tonight's special report. >> reporter: on a braise -- blazingly hot afternoon this they say the game could mean the difference for life and death for these pint eyes sized players. 14 years ago janet johnson lost an adult son to gun violence. today she is trying to keep her grandchildren alive and safe. >> i try to work hard and keep them in programs, youth programs as much as i can and participate as a parent. and do what i can to keep them off the streets. >> reporter: the street is where oakland police and social service groups say more and more children are being shot or shooting each other. police say that with about 405 shootings in oakland so far this year, 115 of the victims were miners minors. 156 of the suspects were under age 18. there is more fire power on the street. >> some of the guns that they are using now, i mean they used to be maybe a revolver.
10:32 pm
you know, maybe 10 years ago. now these kids are, you no he, in possession of automatic weapons and rifles. >> reporter: police and teens part of the problem is easily. >> i can go buy a gun. you can just go ask people in gangs i need to buy a gun. i got $200 on me. okay. i got you. i will hit you back later. >> teenagers know exactly where to go and get a gun. but it would take them days how to go bring them in school. >> reporter: in stanley they visit young shooting victims in the hospital. the goal of the program caught in the cross-fire is to help them recover and prevent retaliation. this summer her clients were as young as 13 yearly. >> i have never heard of kids say i want to go beat somebody up. i will go back and i will shoot someone. >> reporter: she looks for adult mentors to help children caught up in violence. >> if there is a parent available, they may not even be a caregiver available and there is nothing but friends.
10:33 pm
and a lot of times these are other people that are often involved in the same criminal activity that they are involved in. so there has definitely been a breakdown of family structure. >> one of the challenges about the age group of 10 or 11-year- old is that is a group where some of the gangs start recruiting. >> alameda attorney says gangs often use those children could carry drugs or guns. she says the priority is keeping children in school and identifying those at risk. >> the da's office works closely with the police department in the school district, particularly, is starting to identify kids in second and third grade because that's a place where we really have the opportunity to identify what's the problem. >> they can get a gun better than they can get a pistol. >> todd walker's 13-year-old nephew was blinded in a june shooting. he says half the battle of keeping children safe is keeping them in school. >> they have to play sports. just go to school. the grade point average is what's going to get you out of
10:34 pm
here. >> reporter: the goal is to get young people out of the cross- fire and headed towards a brighter future. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. and has more details on the mentorship program caught in the cross- fire. look for the special reports tab on our front page. >> three san jose men have pleaded not guilty in connection with a stabbing death last year of a 19-year- old woman on a light rail platform. david and ed and gregory are accused of killing christina parkins in san jose on august 15, 2009. she was a student at the san jose job core center. the men have been charged with two counts of attempted murder for allegedly attacking two other people with parkins. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for november 29th. it has showdowntime today at the california supreme court between governor schwarzenegger and hundreds of thousands of angry state workers. the court heard oral arguments over the issue of state worker furloughs. the seven justices peppered
10:35 pm
state and union attorneys with tough questions. at issue is the governor's decision to force workers to take unpaid days off and if he has the authority to do so. state workers are watching closely because the furlough days add up to a 15% pay cut. >> it's really impacting us. we are having trouble figuring out if we can stay in the house. >> state employees say the state constitution does not give the governor the power to furlough state workers. but the governor's attorney says it does during a fiscal emergency. >> you can watch more of california's supreme court hearing about furlough fridays on click on the bay area news tab. in sacramento, there is still no agreement on a state budget. so a group of female democratic lawmakers rallied at the capital today with a message for the governor. >> stop targeting women and children with the pain of cuts to balance our budget. [ applause ] >> they said they object to
10:36 pm
expected cuts in health and child care. in the meantime, governor schwarzenegger met with top democratic and republican leaders to discuss the budget. they plan to continue negotiations via tele conference while he is in asia on a trade mission which begins tomorrow. >> sacramento police say they have a possible hate crime on their hands directed at a jewish basketball player. a backwards swastika was painted on a mural depicting kaspie of the kings. he is the only one born in israel. it was reported at noon today in the midtown area of sacramento. it comes on the first night of the jewish new year roche hashana. that holiday started this evening in sundown. in israel jews were busy getting ready for the jewish nut year and shopping for the new year's feast. it begins a ten day period of soul searching and prayer. it ends with yom kippur, the day of atonement. this year it coincides with the end of the muslim holy month of
10:37 pm
ramadan. [ music ] >> it happened right in front of casino visitors. the questions being raised because of this dramatic video of a lion attacking a trainer at a las vegas resort. also ahead how a popular reality t.v. show is now helping fight crime in the bay area. >> san francisco hosted two world's fairs. now the governor is in shanghai trying to get the world -- world fair back to the bay area. we will have the live report.
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. a resort in las vegas was forced to defend its safety practices today after a video surfaced showing a lion attacking its trainer. the incident happened earlier this month at the mgm grand as hotel visitor where is looking on. the male lion began wrestling the trainer, who managed to get away with the help of a second trainer. mgm today its handlers "up hold the highest safety standards at all times." the trainer was treated for a leg bite and then released from the hospital. >> bp is reportedly admitting it failed to properly interpret a key pressure test at the gulf well oil that exploded. that's according to a new internal report that refers to the deep water horizon rig that exploded in april, killing 11 workers and triggering the gulf
10:41 pm
oil disaster. in that report bp also points fingers at its drilling partners. many fishermen say they believe big oil in general is to blame for the disaster. >> it is all of their fault. and they are all out there working. >> bp says halliburton improperly cemented the well. but transocean are saying bp is trying to avoid the responsibility of a disregard for safety procedures. a problem for cleanup crews in petaluma had been unable to get the tugboat out of the river. they will now try to break it into three parts. a ban on fishing in the area was lifted today. in news of the world tonight, in china dozens of workers were rescued from an offshore oil rig tilting dangerous by at a 45-degree
10:42 pm
angle. two other workers are us manying. the rig's owner said powerful waves from a typhoon were probably to blame but the owner insists no oil has spilled. the offshore rig is located in china's second largest oil field. in iran there is late word that the death by stoning sentence against a woman may be set aside. the woman was convicted of adultery and sentenced to be stoned to death. the punishment was been denounced across the world but iran still may hang the woman for her conviction for being involved in her husband's death. and in russia a passenger jet made an emergency landing today at an abandoned air base in siberia after losing power at 33,000 feet. the plane rolled off the runway and into a forest. the 81 people onboard were not hurt. the pilot reported that the electrical system failed. one official compared the pilot to captain skullinburger who landed his distressed plane in the hudson river. >> it hasn't happened in
10:43 pm
decades. could we get another world fair in the bay area. where and when it might be held. >> surprising shifts in our weather tonight. what to expect and the five day forecast when our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us in just a couple of minutes. of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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you inhale, they inhale.
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millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. . governor schwarzenegger wants to invite the world to the bay area. he is putting his muscle towards bringing the world fair to the silicone valley. ken wayne is live now in san francisco with the story. ken? >> reporter: julie, this is the iconic landmark left back from the world fair in 1950. if the governor has his choice it will be held here. >> reporter: it was called the panpacific can exhibition and was an international sensation when it opened in san francisco. almost a quarter cently later,
10:46 pm
the word's fair was held on treasurer island, something some bay area residents still remember. now governor schwarzenegger is heading to shanghai making a pitch for a third world's fair. >> we want to lay down the marker that the bay area is interested in this for 2020. we are really excited that the governor's office has expressed some interest in this as well. >> the bay area council first approached the idea of hosting a word's fair in silicone valley. it is now called the world expo and is held every five years. shanghai is hosting it now. in 2015 it will be in milan, italy. the bay area council says silicone valley is in a unique position to show off where those places are born. >> apple and microsoft is down in the silicone valley. >> reporter: after a failure to get a superbowl can they get the world expo? >> the bay area has a really go
10:47 pm
ahead chance of putting something together that will be remembered for generations. >> reporter: a go ahead chance because by 2020 it will have been more than three decades since the world's fair was held in north america. >> i think that's a great idea. bring in some money, you know, people bring in people to san francisco. >> i went to the one in montreal, yes. >> reporter: was it fun? was it worth the interest incompetent? >> i was a college student at the time. of course it was fun. i went with a bunch of college students. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as for the location of the next world's fair, the bay area council says they are considering former military bases. officials say expect an announcement with more details within the next week or so. live in san francisco, mccain wayne -- ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. more parking metres are coming to san francisco. they voted yesterday to install the metres in ten neighborhoods including fisherman's wharf, the mission and at&t park. the new metres are expected to
10:48 pm
generate $2 million a year. officials also say they will improve the availability of parking in congested neighborhoods. >> i think the most important thing is to see where the money is actually go, that there was some benefit to the city that we could visibly see that we would benefit from by paying such rates then it is worthwhile. >> the agency said it will install the metres in phases and that it may take up until next spring to get all of them up and running. >> the highway patrol said today state wide the number of auto thefts have dropped more than 15% last year. the chp says 169,000 vehicles were stolen in 2009. that's a 15.4% drop from the year before and the largest annual decrease in decades. officials say 88% of vehicles reported stolen were recovered. investigators are crediting more enforcement, education and technology for the decline. [ music ]
10:49 pm
>> bait car has come to san francisco. the t.v. reality show works with police departments across the country. it equips cars with cameras and other devices and then leaves them as bait for car thieves. once the car is taken police who have been waiting and watching move in to make the arrest. san francisco police chief george gastone says it is a good deterrent to crime. date car has been filming inside the city now for several weeks. [ music ] >> all right. it's cold out there tonight. cooler than we've seen. let's go to live storm tracker 2. i want to show you that around this area, this frontal system went through. when a cold front goes through it pulls the cool air in behind it. so right now over the bay area we've got cooler than average air for this time of year. and that means tomorrow morning, especially in these north bay valleys we will see temperatures in the low 50s and maybe the 40s. the alexander valley and the napa valley it will be chilly. here could goes that frontal system as it moves out of the
10:50 pm
area. there were showers right in here late in the afternoon before the sunset. south in sacramento. showers have died down. now the cold air is left behind. it wasn't that warm today to start with. temperatures just in the 60s and low 70s is. the low pressure center is weakening and moving off. but before it does so that cold air will be here in the morning. when you go to school in the morning jackets guaranteed. overnight lows in the upper 50s and low 60s the last few weeks. this cool air will begun to move off as we head into mid- morning. highs tomorrow a little warmer than they were today. not a heck of a lot warmer. the forecast model roughs it out for you. san jose 71. concord more like 73. but that's just a computer model saying we will be in the mid and low 70s in the warmest spots. the forecast then for tomorrow the heat, well, the eighties in the big valley. the rest of it is pretty cool. a very fall-like weather footprint right there with a lot of cool weather around the bay. those are 60s.
10:51 pm
the forecast models for oakland and san jose. mid and upper 60s. up towards napa and you get the picture. a cool one tomorrow certainly helps the fire danger. the air quality is good. from here on out the temperatures will start to tweak up a little bit right into the bay area weekend. not going to get hot but they will come up out of the 60s. they will come in to friday in the upper 70s. and then by the weekend see some low 80s. 60s in daly city tomorrow. 60 in pacifica. some patchy coastal fog not expected to be a big fog event. but patches of fog and some sunshine in the afternoon. a cool start. steve paulson is in here early and will be talking about that. because 52 degrees in oakland tomorrow morning will seem very cool. >> 52 degrees? >> it seemed awfully cool just today. >> you will notice it tomorrow. >> thanks, bill. >> california salmon fishermen are now eligible for another round of federal relief funding after another devastating year.
10:52 pm
the federal government last week formally declared the state's salmon industry a disaster. the declaration came as california's shortened chinook fishing season came to an end. salmon fishing was cancelled all together the previous two years. with the new disaster declaration, salmon fishermen qualify for millions of dollars in assistance. well, the pennant race is on the line and barry zito takes to the mound for the giants tonight after losing seven straight games. mark will tell us how he did. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
. >> mark is here with sports. if ever the giants need bare zit to come through it was tonight. >> yes, not what they were looking for out of barry zito tonight. if you play professional sports for big money as he does the only thing that matters is winning. certainly not good enough to pitch well. you've got to win and barry zito just can't. now lost eight straight decisions. in fact hasn't won since july 16th. the last giants loss, oh, yeah, the last time barry zito pitched in la friday. tonight he gets the lead. fred sanchez provides it with a shot that leaves the yard solo in the first, 1-0. you know what, one barry zito is enough. we don't need him marching around the stadium. kelly johnson breaks the 1-1 tie for the last place diamondbacks with a shot to
10:56 pm
right off barry zito. that provides the only run they would need to actually win it. but in the 7th they had another. here is something giants fans have never seen. an error by andre the first error of the giants first in 204 big league games. the giants find themselves two back of the padres, one win in his last 17 decisions by the way for barry zito. dodgers continue to lay down like dogs swept by the padres in a series they barely seemed interested in. if you saw the three games joe doesn't have those guys pumped. the two run single to break it open off chad. 4-0 the final. get this, the dodgers have scored three runs in their last five games. giants are headed to san diego for a four game series. you get down 3-0 this time of year not really in the pennant chase. got to be easy to go through the emotion motions but to their credit the as keep plugging away. well, you know what, winning
10:57 pm
feels better than anything. from the right side of the plate. look at the fan out here. the only guy who has a chance for the ball and he doesn't get it! ! he may have broken a limb. >> ouch. >> however, he will get the ball as the cameraman later gave it to him. 3-3 in the 6th. two out. that man coco the left side of the plate the base hit provides the game deciding run 4-3 is the final. gonzalez has 14 wins. and the warriors kind of love affair with medium sized swingman conditions. they saw another one today carney played and averaged 4.7 points a game. not what you would call a franchise shifting move. that's the sporting night for wednesday night. as we approach nfl opening day alex smith is named one of the captains of the 49ers today. >> all right. julie, frank. >> thank you, mark. >> that is the 10:00 news for tonight. i'm julie haener.
10:58 pm
>> i'm frank somerville. our coverage continues on life at ktvu, have a great evening, everyone. >> good night. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands.
10:59 pm
like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.


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